Professional Training & Conditioning

Suzy is a Certified Horse Trainer through The National Walking Horse Association. Suzy was the Walking Horse Association of Michigan’s Trainer of the Year! 2008
Suzy Wyckoff has been training the Mystic Meadows horses for many years. In 2007 Suzy decided to open a training program for other horses. She specializes in gaited horses, especially Tennessee Walkers. Yet, she has a strong background in the trotting breeds also.
Starting many years ago showing the class A Morgan shows, Suzy was instructed by one of the top Morgan Trainers of that time. She had the opportunity to ride fine horses in Saddleseat Equitation and Pleasure.

Moving on through the years the Groat family purchased their first TWH, ID. This opened the gateway to a wonderful thing. Working next to many TWH and Morgan trainers Suzy started to develop her own way of teaching horses. After many years of practice on the family’s horses, Suzy opened her barn to client’s horses. Developing programs to fit any level of horse, from weanlings to elderly horses. She has worked with Tennessee Walkers, Rocky Mountains, Thoroughbreds, Missouri Fox Trotters, Arabians, Draft Horses, Friesians, National Show Horses, Quarter Horses, Andalusians, and Saddlebreds.

Being a well rounded rider Suzy has worked with many seats, including basic dressage, western pleasure, saddle seat, hunt, barrel racing and pole bending.

Using calm natural training techniques (such as John Lyons and Clinton Anderson) we are sure Suzy can help you with your horse.The most unique part of Suzy’s training is the amount of work with the owner to understand and be able to know how to work with their horse. All training programs include free training lessons and endless opportunity for the owner to come observe the training progress. “It is as important to train the owner as it is the horse to have overall and lasting success.”

“Every training program has to be developed for that specific horse. No two horses learn exactly the same, just as no two humans learn exactly the same. This is the best part of my job, learning how to work with different horses and figure out how to make them want to work for us and learn new things. I love to help people, but mostly I love to help the horses!” Suzy

Contact Suzy for questions about the programs are available for you and your horse!