About MMT

Mystic Meadows Training is located in Pinckney, MI with a beautiful quiet setting for both horses and humans. The training and lesson facility include many features for horse comfort and multiple teaching areas for horses and riders. Teaching areas include a dust free indoor arena, large outdoor arena, round pen and on-property trails. The stall and tack barn is a great place to get ready for your workout with multiple grooming spots. Owners live on property and has video surveillance cameras so your horse will be monitored 24/7.

Suzy is the owner of Mystic Meadows Training. Starting a lesson program (Mystic Meadows Farm) in South Lyon with her parent’s when she was 16 years she has virtually grown up with the business! Working at Mystic Meadows Farm, lessons and training facility, for 20 years with her parent’s Jim and Janice Groat they built a great reputation within the horse community. About five years ago there was talk that it was time for Suzy to take over the business with her own piece of property and training facility. That dream was kicked into high gear when Ms. Jan was diagnosis of cancer.

In 2017 and the lowest time of Suzy’s life, losing her mom, she also received the best gift ever, the opportunity to keep the business alive and continue to share her family’s love and passion for the gaited horses; Suzy and Pete purchased their farm in Pinckney, MI. This was a chance to carry on the tradition and a way that she keeps her mom alive in her heart every day.

Suzy has worked with 100’s of students learning to ride the gaited horses. She also has almost that many horses that she has trained through her lessons, clinics or training programs. Her specialty is the gaited horses but does come from a broad background in the trotting breeds also. Her training and lesson program work hand in hand making sure all involved are having a great time, rider and horse included. Building people’s partnership with their horses is what keeps Suzy loving going to work every day. To see that bond form and to see the smile on people’s faces makes her hearts smile. Current lesson Horses: We like our students to work with the different lessons horses as each one of them will teach you something a little different. Often your instructor will guide you to the horse we feel is best suited for what you are working on during your lessons.

Misty – Genius Boy’s Mystic Lady is a Tennessee Walking Horse Mare who was born and raised at Mystic Meadows Farm/Training. She is a retired champion show horse who has taken both youth and adult riders to the blue ribbons. She started teaching lessons when she was only 3 years old. Now starting into her 20’s Misty has a great way with all the students. She is discerning of who is on her back so she will be slow and steady for the new student who is just learning balance and steering, yet she is super fun for the advanced riders who want to move and groove! Misty is a petite horse who is perfectly matched to the you riders and smaller adults.

Neka – I’m Golden Stardust is a Tennessee Walking Horse mare. Neka is a great horse to be able to work on ground work exercises, arena work or even take down the trails. She has been in the lesson program for 5 years, taking some time off to birth her colt, Tristan who you can also meet here at the farm. Neka is a stocky and taller build so can be used for students from youth to a larger adult.

Levi – Levi is a Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. He has been a wonderful part of the lesson horse family for 3 years. With his unique gaits and smooth canter, he brings a lot of great opportunities to our students. Levi is wonderful teacher for all types of lessons from ground work to trail. He has a solid but shorter build, so he is perfect for youth to medium size adults.

Eagle – Genius’ Stroke of Genius is a Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He has been near to our hearts since he was a weanling when he was owned by a close friend of ours. He joined our teaching staff many years ago. Carrying many youth riders in to the show ring for the first time. He also loves lessons at the farm and trail rides. Eagle is a stocky and taller build so can be used for students from youth to a larger adult.