Adult ONLY Day at the Farm – March 16th 3p-6p

MMF Admin/ February 12, 2012/ Events

HEY ADULTS! Are you jealous of all these Kids Horse Activities that are offered. Well its time we offer something just for YOU! Come join us for and Adult only Day at the Farm on March 16, 2012 3pm-6pm. Each participant will have a chance to ride, play games on horseback, do at least one ground activity, and learn additional skills we don’t cover during your regular lessons. Plus this will be tons of fun!! Snacks and Beverages provided at the farm. Price $85.00

OH I’M NOT DONE YET!!!!  Let’s all head up to the South Lyon Hotel for a beverage of choice and dinner if you would like. (Each person pays their own tab.) Yes, riding instructors need a horse break every once in a while too! 🙂

Sign up by emailing, calling or at your next lesson! Spaces limited so please sign up soon!

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