Testimonials About Our Lesson Programs

This is a collection of letters, emails, reviews, and notes we have received from students.

  • I Started out at Mystic Meadows in hopes to overcome my horse phobia. Not only did it end my fears it created a new love, a passion, & a happiness that I didn’t know I could feel. Now I love riding the trails as fast as I can & enjoy riding bareback. I will be forever grateful to Suzi, Jan & the team at Mystic Meadows!!    ~Tiffany A


  • I have been taking lessons at MMF for about a year and a half now. At 55 (when I started!) I was a complete novice – with not only inexperience, but a little fear to overcome as well. Suzy, Janice, and the staff and horses at MMF have been amazing. I have not only become a relatively confident rider, I have also made new friends, and had a blast doing it! Thank you, Mystic Meadows, for helping me grow!    ~Julia D
  • My daughter started at Mystic Meadows almost four years ago. As a former rider and competitor I looked long and hard for a program that met our needs for experience, flexibility, safety and a friendly family atmosphere. Mystic Meadows has a “soup to nuts” approach to riding that will meet the needs of novice to advanced riders. My girl rides year round and loves every minute.    ~Ann R
  • “My 7 year old daughter and I take lessons at Mystic Meadows and we love it. Both instructors Suzy, and Ms. Jan are excellent. They are very patient and they really teach about the whole riding process of tacking, learning the different gaits, and un-tacking. I have been riding English for 15 years and I really am enjoying learning saddle seat. The one on one training is the best and you feel really welcome. We plan on continuing to ride for the foreseeable future.”    Susan D.


  • “Jan was great and so very knowledgeable. She was a great instructor and a pleasure to take lessons from”.Anonymous

  • “Ms. Jan was awesome! She had a lot of patience for working with young children. Her teaching methods were age appropriate and my daughter had a great time and learned a lot in just one hour!”         Anonymous

  • “I gave this to my 8 year old as a birthday gift. It was her first riding lesson and she loved it. The instructor did such a great job with her, I was very impressed and very happy with the service we received!”        Anonymous

  • “I’m a guy who has only recently begun riding lessons. Having worked with Suzy for a couple months I can positively say that she is a great teacher. She gives the instructions clearly, is very encouraging, and very approachable. One of the best things about working with her is that you know you can trust her and that you’re well taken care of. Because of that I feel that I have a much higher confidence level with the horse than I would have under other instructors. So, to use a popular phrase, this place is very “husband friendly” =).”       Jason W.


  • “… I can tell you that Suzy and the Groat Family have horse and rider’s best interest at heart. They work with all ages and skill levels. As a rider, your confidence level increases with each lesson and you never fell uncomfortable. I never worry about the care of my horse and always feel welcome in their facility.”       Anonymous
  • “My 13-year old daughter rides at Mystic Meadows because of the nurturing environment, and because these are the people whom I would like to surround Colleen during her formative years. Colleen has ridden with Jan and Suzy for four years, during which time she has blossomed in the warmth of their positive praise and enthusiastic instruction. She has observed this mother- daughter team’s mutual love and respect and she has enjoyed hearing kind words from their husbands as they drop by with a friendly hello and words of encouragement. The other riders at the barn are similarly thoughtful and considerate, and a genuine atmosphere of camaraderie exudes throughout”          Kathleen H


  • “When I first arrived at Mystic Meadows, little did I know of the joy and knowledge I would come to experience. In my second year of practicing on a horse, who is now a Grand Champion, I know that our success was accomplished by the caring instructors, Ms. Janice Groat and Ms. Suzy Wyckoff. I have gained lifelong friends and have had a multitude of opportunities presented to be me because of the skills I have acquired by being in the positive and supportive environment at Mystic Meadows.”       – Rachel W


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