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Suzy Wyckoff a.k.a. “Ms. Suzy”     
Barn Manager/Riding Instructor/Horse Trainer/ Farm owner

Ms. Suzy  is the barn manager and one of the riding instructors at Mystic Meadows. She has a large background in the horse industry starting with Morgan’s and Saddlebred’s and now with the TWH’s. She has had a lot of opportunity to learn from many instructors and has helped build Mystic Meadows family to be the way it is today. Ms. Suzy left in 2002 to go to MSU. Graduated and then went to work for other businesses. Missing the horses and the students she has returned to become the barn manager.  Adding to the many hats Suzy wears, she is also our resident horse trainer. She has a wide range of knowledge to offer for all breeds of horses. Specializing in the Tennessee Walking horse Suzy can teach you and your horse together. “Smooth and Sane” is Suzy’s motto. Using a combination of Natural Horsemanship methods and traditional methods Suzy can get your horse to be a joy to ride, wether on the trail or on the rail.  When Suzy is not at work she is spending time with her husband, Pete, and her two sons, Charlie and Shane. 


Pete Wyckoff a.k.a. Mr. Pete

Farm owner

Pictured here riding Jewel

 Mr. Pete is Suzy’s husband. He entered into the Mystic Meadows family in 2003 when he started dating Ms. Suzy. He didn’t have much horse background at that time, but you should see him now! He is the horse show groom extraordinaire and a very good rider. Pete has a good time at the shows and enjoys riding in the groom’s classes, but he loves the trails. The more he can run the bigger his smile. He is also the proud owner of Granite. Pete is an Engineer for Ducks Unlimited and is a Die Hard MSU Fan!! (as many of my students are aware of!)  :)

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