Genius’ Mystic Lady – Barn Name: Misty

Misty is a TWH mare owned by Janice Groat and Mystic Meadows Farm. Misty was born right at the farm in 1999. Her mom, ID, was a first time mom and we were first time baby horse owners. We all learned together about the ins and outs of raising a foal. Misty is an all around great versatile horse who can be ridden english, western, bareback, on the trails or in the arena. Misty is sporting the shortest tail on the property, but it gives her her own look and personality! Misty stands about 15 hh and is a great teacher and asset to our academy program.

Genius Boys Stars and Stripes – Barn Name: Star

Star is a TWH gelding owned by Jim Groat. Star was purchased at just a couple weeks old. He was a fantastic little show baby and won most of his classes in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. He is now a academy program horse who helps teach many of our students. He is mainly ridden english in the arenas or on the trails. Star had a bad injury when he was younger so he does not canter, so he is 2-gait only. He stands about 14.3 hh and is gorgeous!

I’m Golden Star Dust – Barn Name: Neka

Neka is a TWH mare who is recently owned by Janice Groat and Mystic Meadows farm. Neka was in training with Suzy for a few months. When her training was completed he owner decided she seemed happiest at our farm working with all our students so she offered for sale to us. We couldn’t pass her up since we had already fell in love with her! She is a smooth and solid horse standing at about 15.2 hh. She rides english, western, bareback. She went to a show with us and was a very good girl along with  a few fun trail rides. Neka is a great addition to our academy program. We feel very lucky to call her ours!

Levi- Barn Name: Levi

Levi is A Rocky Mountain Horse who doubles as my son’s horse and a lesson horse. He is a very trustworthy mount that is great for all ages of riders from young to older. He is about 14.3 hh so he is more for the kids and smaller adults. He gives our riders an opportunity to feel a different type of gaited horse from the TWH with the Rocky Gaits.

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