Additional Gaited Horse Clinic Added – December 3, 2011

MMF Admin/ November 9, 2011/ Events

There was a huge response for the Gaited Horse Clinic, which will be held on November 20th. This clinic is full. An additional clinic has been scheduled for December 3, 2011 from 11A-2P. The clinic format will be the same as the clinic on November 20th. Spaces limited, first come, first serve. See information below. Email or call to register.

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Gaited Horse Clinic

MMF Admin/ November 4, 2011/ Events

Have you wanted to know more about the Tennessee Walking Horse and their gaits? Do you know what gaits your horse is doing? Need some “homework” to do back at your barn in order to get your gaited horse working better? Are you looking into buying a gaited horse, but need some advice? Do you want to know how to

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